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A homeowner who was having repeated problems with an old septic tank and a soakaway – How Viltra took care of the complete process by providing a site survey, liaising with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) and the manufacturing and installation of a high-performance sewage treatment plant and associated civil works.

Client Overview

Viltra was contacted by a homeowner based in County Down in Northern Ireland, who intends to sell the property in the future. The existing septic tank and soakaway repeatedly caused the client problems, wasting time and money on continuous temporary remedial works, which failed to solve the problem.


With the environment in mind, the client knew that foul effluent was finding its way to a public road. This particular issue was an area that the client wanted to be rectified as soon as possible. Despite the client working for a civil contracting firm, they wanted Viltra to take care of the complete process. The existing septic tank and soakaway repeatedly caused the client trouble.

With the client seeking to sell the property in the future, it was therefore crucial that a sewage treatment plant was installed and a Consent to Discharge permit was in place to avoid any obstacles further down the line.

Our Solution

Viltra conducted a full survey of the property and created a proposal for the client. Once accepted, Viltra completed and submitted the Consent to Discharge application to DAERA. Once approval was gained for the permit, Viltra carried out complete civil works, including decommissioning the old septic tank and installing Viltra’s IWOX Premium 97.5% BOD removal sewage treatment plant. Once installed, the system was commissioned and set operational. Following the successful installation and civil works, a service and maintenance package was set up with the client to ensure an annual visit was carried out to keep the system running to its optimum performance.

The client had peace of mind that Viltra took care of the complete process from start to finish, resulting in a fully compliant, high-performing sewage treatment plant being installed at the property. The work was carried out with minimal disruption to the client and the surrounding grounds. The problem was resolved and a Consent to Discharge in place, this will protect the client should they decide to sell the property in the future. The project was also carried out within budget and on time.

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